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Friday, November 23, 2007

The wasteful pay less in Vancouver!

The Vancouver Solid Waste Utility charges us for garbage based on how much we put out, right?


It turns out, the more you waste the better a rate you get.

The city lets you choose between five garbage can sizes, ranging from 75 litres to 360 litres. The problem is that the rates don’t go up at the same pace as the volume.

If you choose a “small” can, you pay $1 per litre of garbage. If you choose the HUMONGOUS 360 litre container, you pay only 44 cents per litre of garbage.

Is this any way to encourage waste reduction???

Tell Vancouver City Council to fix the garbage rates in 2008. They'll be discussing the 2008 rates on Thursday, November 29th, at their City Services & Budget committee meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,

I was at the cd swap last night (sidebar - big Thank you for putting together a fun public event) when you mentioned needing someone to present the waste rate petition to city council. I wanted to check a bit more into it and have just noticed that the city council meeting for the solid waste utility charges are on Nov 29/07 at 930 am. The eliminating plastic bag motion on notice is the one that will be happening on Nov 27/07 at 200 pm. Aagh, isn't politics fun!! Please let me know if I can be of help in some way.