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Monday, November 5, 2007

Take burnt-out compact bulbs to IKEA

Did you know you can take your burnt-out compact fluorescent bulbs to IKEA for recycling?

IKEA Canada just posted a release to Canadian News Wire reminding us that they have been taking back both CFLs and batteries since 2001.

Does anyone know who their recycler is? Here's what the release says: IKEA Canada works closely with Raw Materials Company (RMC, A division of International Marine Salvage Inc.) who specializes in battery recycling,hazardous waste hauling and processing, and have been actively recycling formore than 25 years. The bulb goes through a separation process into glass,powder and mercury. Separated mercury goes through a triple distillation whichtakes away all contamination.

I will check with folks who know the marine salvage industry for background on this company.

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Peter Leblanc said...

IKEA also takes household batteries too. Presumably sent to RMC. It would be quite insightful to know what the cost is to IKEA to have this program.