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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A year without waste...

Vancouverites Jenny, Grant and Rhyannon of the Clean Bin Project are days away from the finish line in their year without waste. Check their blog to see what they've learned in the past 354 days about consumption, waste and living within our means.

Jenny and Grant brought along their year's accumulation of garbage to Zero Waste Vancouver's meeting this week. It all fit in a trailer behind Grant's bike. Grant's was mostly tech waste related to his production of the documentary film that will come out of the project. Jenny's discards seemed to relate to parties and celebrations.

Grant told us that the first thing he will go out and buy when he breaks his abstinence is a new toothbrush...


John costigane said...


Wooden toothbrushes, with pig bristles, are a Zero Waste Alternative to the almost complete waste content of the plastic type, and package.

These are available from Germany for us UK enthusiasts. Having used then for over a year, the plastic effort is now redundant.

Jen said...

Thanks for the link Helen. John-where do you get those toothbrushes?

John Costigane said...

Hi Jen,

Cebra Ethical Chic sell them, as well as other ethical produce:

The only plastic is a small cellophane cover for the bristle.