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Monday, July 6, 2009

Composting in Montreal?

Instead of complaining when the city wouldn't provide food waste composting, Montrealler Steve McLeod stepped in and filled the void.

For $5/week, Compost Montreal provides you with a bucket to collect your greenwaste. You put the bucket on your porch once a week. He picks it up, empties it and installs a nice clean liner ready to be filled again. As if that weren't enough, once a year you get back a big load of compost for your own yard.

The city's parks department is part of the program, providing the facility for processing the food waste.

Read this 2008 write-up from CBC. I'll post more details after I contact them.

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John Costigane said...

Hi Steve,

Excellent to see an individual leading by example. We UK Zero Waste enthusiasts feel the same in that agencies, national and local, are slow to adapt.

Do you collect all type of food waste, ie including meat /fish /fat/ bone? The reason I ask is that we promote AD as the simplest way to reduce the 40% landfill content of this waste type.

Also, what council composting system do you use?