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Monday, June 8, 2009

Public meeting June 17th!

We scheduled this meeting in June to coincide with Metro's public consultation on incineration. It must have spooked the planners at Metro, because they've postponed the consultation till next September!

But come on out to the meeting just for the fun of it.

We'll have a couple of very interesting speakers and a chance to send an early signal to our regional politicians, including those who were flown to Sweden to help Metro staff make their case that we need incinerators.

Three of our four junketing pols were on CKNW's The World Today on Saturday, reporting out on their trip. But they got a wake-up call from listener "Joe" who warned that they'll be in the incinerator, politically, if they follow Sweden's example.

Our meeting is Wednesday, June 17th, at SPEC House (2150 Maple Street). Doors open at 6:30, with speakers, awards and action starting at 7:30. Our meeting is part Langara's 2009 Summer School on Building Community, organized by the inimitable Leslie Kemp in collaboration with Village Vancouver and a whole host of other interesting groups. The series runs June 15 - 25 (details about the series in a current Common Ground article). Hope to see YOU there!

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