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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Solid Waste and Recycling Magazine

The April/May 2008 edition of Canada's premier solid waste industry trade journal "Solid Waste and Recycling" is all about our current situation in Metro Vancouver.

The articles linked below provide a welcome perspective from outside our region, along with the sales pitches from some of the contenders for managing our waste.

Headings shown here are taken from the original magazine, with permission from the publisher.

Happy reading!

- "Metro Vancouver's New Waste Plan" is the feature article and cover story. Monica Kosmak recounts the unfolding story of Metro Vancouver's waste management challenges and explains the new proposed solid waste management plan with its controversial "waste to energy" component.

- "Metro Vancouver and the Zero Waste Debate" is the lead editorial by Guy Crittenden, editor of the magazine. This is recommended reading, as he has some interesting things to say about the public's expectations of municipal waste management and about Zero Waste Vancouver!

A series of short articles focus on some of Metro Vancouver's possible waste management strategies:

OPTION: More Waste to Energy
"Waste to Energy in Metro Vancouver: Is Smaller Better," by Ron Richter, who makes a pitch for several small incinerators (His company, Veolia, operates Metro Vancouver's existing incinerator in Burnaby).

OPTION: Landfill Disposal
"A Landfill Alternative: The Highland Valley Project," by Heather Kent, presenting the third Interior Landfill contender (vying against Ashcroft and an expanded Cache Creek landfill).

OPTION: Increased Diversion
"New Metro MRF Will Meet Zero Waste Objectives" -- a local company's new, state-of-the-art end-of-pipe recycling plant ...

OPTION: Waste Exporting
"Metro Vancouver's Potential Waste Export Decision" by Guy Crittenden, with an overview of our waste export options, including in Washington state.

OPTION: The Zero Waste Idea
"BC's leading EPR approach: To Catch a Rabbit, Think like a Rabbit" by Helen Spiegelman, explaining the beginning of-the-pipe recycling approach that BC invented for targeting and eliminating packaging waste.

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