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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CBC Interview with Marvin Hunt and Patricia Ross about Incinerators

On Monday morning, CBC Radio One aired a lively double interview featuring perspectives from prominent public figures on both sides of the incineration debate. The 10-minute clip is available for download here. (Once downloaded, it can be played using Windows Media Player or iTunes.)

In the interview, Marvin Hunt, Surrey Counselor and Chair of the Metro Vancouver Waste Management Committee, defends the plan to build 3-6 "Waste to Energy" incinerators. Meanwhile, Patricia Ross, Abbotsford Counselor and Chair of the Fraser Valley Air Quality and Environment Committee, voices concerns about incineration and its potential effects on the fragile Fraser Valley airshed.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Hunt,
I was the chair of the Hornby Island Recycling Comittie in about 1992.When at 77% (see Jim Wang Dune's U Vic masters thesis,which I have a copy of)by volume we had a dumpster"shoved down our throats" to handel our non recycably paper products.
I mam curently writing an article titled"The Dumpster and Other Things From Outer Space" that I will worward to you if you request it when I complet the article for our local paper.
This dumster came when the best recycling in Canada was Kitchner @32% and San Raphel CA @ 35% With the help of Larry Winiesarsky,who I personly hired from Corvalis Oregon,we came up with a prototype waste burner that I financed.We built and demonstrated the "ROCKET" on my property.
Local politics unfortunatly pervented it's use at our recycling depo.
In the interviening years Larry has assisted in the construction of more than 3000 of these units in Centeral and South America where they are generating eletcerty and fireing roof tiles from solid waste.

They just plain old work. They are very simple and extremly efficant. With discharge gases that contain a high percentage of oxygen and low carbon dioxide and monoxide.Exceeding BC's emission standerds. The protype Rocket still stands on my property @ 1000 Centeral Road Hornby Island.
My son wrote his batchlors in mecanical engenering thesis on"The Rocket". I can send you a copy if you wish.
I have no patten protection nor do I wish any and both I and Mr Wininarsky would be glad to talk with your enginers about the strong points of the Rocket.

If you are interested in more info please contact me @250 335 0782 or by return e-mail.

Good luck in your chairman's postion. Leave no stone unturned