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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let's talk about the downside of incineration

The Fraser Valley Regional District, the University of the Fraser Valley and Zero Waste Vancouver are organizing public meetings this month to call attention to the dangers of waste-to-energy incineration. We're bringing in a legendary figure to help us. (see details below)

Dr. Paul Connett, who helped citizens block hundreds of incineration plants during the 1980s, will be speaking in Abbotsford and Vancouver, as well as other meetings yet to be set up. Connett was the technical advisor in a North America-wide citizens' movement during the 1980s that blocked hundreds of proposed incineration plants and brought in curbside recycling instead.

We suspect that most citizens don't even know that Metro Vancouver intends to build up to six waste incinerators in our region. The publicity for Metro Vancouver's sparsely attended public meetings in April and May asked "How should we manage our waste?" but didn't mention the proposed incinerators.
Elected politicians in the region have not been trumpteting the incinerator plan either. Probably because they realize it won't be a great election issue. Saddling the public with $3 billion in debt, tripling disposal costs and seeking a site in someone's backyard may be tough for incumbents to sell next November when they're seeking new mandates.

To get the ball rolling, we'll offer any regional politician who is ready to take a stand on incinerators ~ for or against ~ an opportunity to be heard at the Vancouver public forum on June 25th. It's about time we had a debate on this important regional issue.
Vancouver meeting details (sponsor: ZWV)
Wednesday, June 25
7:00 pm
Coast Plaza Hotel
1763 Comox Street
Fraser Valley meeting details (sponsor: UFV)
Monday, June 23
7:00 pm
MCA Auditorium
32315 South Fraser Way

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