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Monday, April 14, 2008

Why didn't the politicians see Guy Dauncey's letter?

At the end of January, Guy Dauncey wrote a letter to the Metro Vancouver Board on behalf of the BC Sustainable Energy Association. But you won't find it in Metro Vancouver's public record.

Dauncey was writing to express the association's concern about Metro Vancouver's proposal to build waste incinerators.

The letter cited the fact that half to two-thirds of the carbon in our waste is of fossil origin (including plastics, textiles and rubber) which will emit 240,000 - 730,000 tonnes of "climate-relevant" carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, just like the CO2 from gasoline and coal.

Dauncey also mentioned health concerns from incineration. He is Co-Chair of Prevent Cancer Now, an organization that has just been awarded a grant to look at the link between waste incinerators and cancer.

But there is no mention of the BC SEA letter in the agendas or minutes of Metro Vancouver Board meetings since the end of January. Did our political leaders see this letter? Why is it not part of the public record?

(I found the letter entirely by chance on the Fraser Valley Regional District website.)


Fenrisar said...
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Julie said...


I would really like to speak to you about your post as I am currently organising a petition to attempt to ban polystyrene in Vancouver. Thanks for getting in touch. Julie