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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A crisis of leadership

Two years after our local politicians committed to a "Zero Waste Challenge," they all seem to be falling off the wagon.

Why are they sitting quiet while their staff enshrine a $3 billion expenditure on incinerators as the lynchpin of a new waste management plan? Did they think we wouldn't notice if they gave us a landfill in the sky, as long as they called it Zero Waste?

Then last week they approved trainloads of trash heading to the USA -- just until we get those incinerators built.

The burdens of leadership are heavy. History will judge whether building better burners will solve the waste/climate change crisis.

And the upcoming elections will judge whether appealing to the public's greed, laziness and apathy will inspire support from voters.

I'm waiting for someone in public office to stand up and say that burning waste is a dumb idea. Is anyone out there?

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>MM said...

New incinerators are a silly is the long train ride into the states! slamming the door on BC interior landfilling has been the most progressive idea yet..but what don't they understand about **ZERO** waste? oh yeah, its a "challenge" not a GOAL...