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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Save the dates ~ March 14/15

Zero Waste Vancouver is teaming up with the Sierra Club Lower Mainland Group to offer concerned citizens a crash course on waste next month. It will start with some speeches on Friday night, March 14, at the SPEC building. Then we'll sit down on Saturday, March 15, for a half-day workshop at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Check back here for details.

It's hard work being a citizen, keeping ahead of the decisions that are being made in our name about all the different things that really affect how we live on this planet.

But citizens in our region are doing a good job. We've changed the debate on transportation, climate change, energy, conservation of our natural heritage, and a whole range of other important areas of public concern.

In an era when the official discussion is dumbed down, a new wave of informed citizens are raising the bar. We're putting new facts on the table. Proposing new solutions that work. Getting results.

We need to do the same thing with waste. Decisions are being made now about how our waste will be managed for decades to come. There is an information vacuum that is being gleefully filled by the incineration industry.

The March 14/15 event will start the process of taking back our local public waste management system and shaping it to meet the region's and the planet's genuine needs. It will be fun and satisfying to work together and chalk up one more small victory for the public good.

Pic: Boulder EcoCycle


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