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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Peak Oil ... and Peak Soil!

George Monbiot recounts in The Guardian today how our governments are going to no ends to feed our addiction to cheap energy, even if it means starving us of food.

Corn, switchgrass, agricultural wastes ~ whatever ~ we are mining the soil to grow the biofuels to run the ships to supply the Big Box Stores that sell the "low value recyclable materials" that we'll burn in the incinerators to make the electricity to run the microwaves to fix our dinners ~ except that there'll be no arable land left for us to grow the food to eat.

Here in Metro Vancouver we face a "growing need for energy" and we must meet this need by building three to six incinerators that will consume a million tonnes of waste each year.

"... the need for additional non-fossil based energy should take precedent over the recovery of low value recyclable materials."

No more Mobius Loop ~ the new logo is a snake consuming its own tail.

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