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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A junket to look at incinerators in Paris ~ yah, right!

What is it that happens to nice people when they become politicians?

Maybe it's just that their staff put them in awkward positions.

The Metro Vancouver Waste Management Committee is going to consider a report by CAO Johnny Carline that recommends they approve sending their Committee Chair, Marvin Hunt, on a junket to Paris to look at a couple of incinerators.

The visit is hosted by -- who else? -- the "leading waste management company" that owns the incinerators.

The staff report says the company offered to pick up the tab for "incidental expenses" on the trip. Metro Vancouver declined because "the possibility exists that this company may be seeking business with Metro Vancouver in the future," so the company will be limiting its blandishments to "normal hospitality."

Why, I wonder, is Councillor Hunt not heading off to Halifax to take a look at their composting plants? To say nothing of their "Mechanical Biological Treatment" process, installed to prevent the formation of greenhouse gases after the waste is buried?
Which junket do you think would provide more lessons for a sustainable, Zero Waste solution here in the Lower Mainland?

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