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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An incinerator????

The incinerator salesmen are lining up to speak at Metro Vancouver meetings now that staff has issued a report (see Item 5.6 in this report) saying that the region will build new incinerator(s!) of a scale unprecedented in our region.

We have one incinerator in Burnaby that burns 285,000 tonnes of waste a year, but report's appendix (see the chart, Item 5.6a) shows an extra 1.25 million tonnes of waste-to-energy capacity by 2025.

Staff told the MetVan Board that they are already having "informal conversations" with incinerator vendors. There has been no public discussion about the pros and cons of this, and in fact our approved Solid Waste Management Plan says nothing about incinerators.

Similar moves in Ontario and the UK are setting off a storm of protest. Check out the CIELAP report from Ontario. Zero Waste Vancouver is developing a backgrounder to tell citizens and politicians what the incinerator salesmen are NOT saying... we'll post it soon.

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