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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

article: Fraser Valley reps worried about Incinerator Plans

published in many local papers on Oct 19th. read the entire article:

Incinerator sparks fears of pollution
Air quality an issue in hunt for garbage solution

Fraser Valley reps are deeply worried their citizens will breathe more pollution if Metro Vancouver builds a new waste-to-energy incinerator to deal with the region’s rising garbage volumes.

Metro officials intend to call for bids early next year for a new incinerator or other “non-landfill technology” that could consume up to 750,000 tonnes of waste per year by 2012.

Abbotsford Coun. Patricia Ross fears emissions from such a plant will blow east and seriously worsen Fraser Valley air quality.

“We’re very concerned,” said Ross, who chairs the Fraser Valley Regional District environment committee.

“You just don’t put significant point source pollution in confined air sheds where the mountains trap pollution for very long periods of time.”

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