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Thursday, July 14, 2011

composting bags - the new Scotties?

Imagine a world without rolled toilet paper.

The advent of indoor toilets gave rise to a whole grocery aisle full of toilet paper of all colours, patterns and grades. And toilet paper rollers to match every decor...

Here we are at a similar moment of human history: the advent of municipal food scraps composting. This is going to open the door to a flood of new consumer products.

The Bag to Earth is made in Ontario.

The patented (US #6,524,667) design makes it "totally biodegradable and compostable" using a material that is locally abundant and renewable: Canadian wood pulp.

Will more Canadian companies recognize an historic opportunity and seize this market before Frankenplastics steal the niche?


sharon twiss said...

Another "roll your own" option: The City of Ottawa has instructions for folding a newspaper liner for kitchen scraps container, which they call Organics Origami >>

Helen said...

What a great social enterprise opportunity: workshops to MANUfacture these?