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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We've moved! Congratulations for finding us!

Our old domain ( was usurped by some nameless poacher within days after we missed our renewal payment... so we are camping out at blogspot while we settle into the new domain that we've staked a claim on (

Our new homestead will have an archive where we'll store the old blog and the broadsheet against Metro Vancouver's incinerators. And there will be lots of big new rooms where visitors and members of the family can get involved in our projects. There is lots of work to do:

  • Bin Doctors ~ what neighbourhood are you in? we'll connect you with your composting support team

  • Bag Project ~ a made-in-Vancouver alternative to those sweatshop reusable bags that we all have too many of...

  • Our Heroes in the community ~ proceeds from our Bag Project will provide targeted support to projects that we think are making a difference

  • The Just Ask Me Page ~ if I don't know the answer to your question about garbage, I'll help you find it

  • Issues that matter right now ~ background and action alerts for busy people. None of us can do it alone - small actions, strategically directed, are how we will make change together

  • Blog ~ commentary on topics close to home and beyond


Ruben said...

Hi there,

I am getting bouncebacks at your gmail address too. It is hard to get in touch....

Helen said... is working.