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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gold River incinerator exempted from Environmental Assessment

The Covanta garbage incinerator proposed for Gold River BC was quietly granted an exemption from the Environmental Assessment process by an order signed on August 5th.

The considerations in making the exemption included "various community benefits" and "no apparent significant adverse effects of any type after mitigation."
The order also stipulates that the proponent (Covanta and partner Green Island Energy) will have to monitor the air quality.
They will also have to "assist" any regional districts that determine that they want to use the facility for managing their waste. No problem. A March 2008 Reuters announcement of the Covanta/GEI proposal noted: Negotiations with municipal governments, including Metro Vancouver, will be important in ensuring the continued progress of the Project.
A bit more detail about Gold River and the Covanta/GEI proposal was published on Forest Talk, Canada's "forestry blog." The story recounts the booms and busts of this small BC town, including the recent turn-around after their mill shut down, the locals moved out, and the houses were sold at auction to Europeans: Since then Gold River has reinvented itself as a west-coast tourism hub. Affordable housing, a friendly small town atmosphere, excellent civic amenities and a paved all weather road connecting it to the more populated eastern coast of Vancouver Island have helped fuel a rebirth of the community.

Wonder what those folks think about the incinerator proposal.
Pic: Covanta's destination for garbage from all over BC

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