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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Public not fooled by plastics industry's phoney science

The plastics industry has funded a scientific study that concluded that reusable bags "pose a public health risk." Read the Vancouver Sun coverage here ~ and don't miss the comments from the readers.

The Vancouver chapter of Surfriders is asking Mayor Robertson's Greenest City Action Team to back a ban on plastic bags. Maybe they'll make a presentation to Council like this one in Santa Monica.


John Costigane said...

The "reusable bag is a health risk" mantra is really scraping the barrel. Leaky meat wraps were said to be a major cause.

I use reusable bags and sealed containers for meat/fish. So no leaky meat.

I visited the American Plastic Industry forum recently. They are truly deluded!

Layla said...

gosh, a more interesting study would examine different materials & different ways of using the reusable bags.. to see which are best to use! (cloth because you can wash it easily?)

it would be interesting to know even which cloth materials & washing detergents are best to use..

indeed, if you put meat in resealable reusable containers (like Tupperware or such), there are no leaks!!
There ARE leaks, if meat is clumsily wrapped into a mixture of plastic bags & plastic-lined paper - I've seen it done!! That is the YUK!!
Even a throwawayable plastic bag won't help much then!

& who puts diapers together with food? (hopefully they were clean diapers at least?)

I think they looked for dirtiest, 'fishiest' reusable bags in the street, & 'examined' those! :)

& wow, 24 bags were studied.. how can this represent anything??