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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Voting for Zero Waste

Interested in knowing where your favourite civic candidates stand on Metro Vancouver's plan to build waste incinerators?

See our news release to learn the names of the 80 candidates across the Metro region who have gone on record as opposing incinerators in anyone's backyard.

The opposition to incineration in our region spans the political spectrum. It reflects a broad commitment to waste reduction rather than band-aid solutions like landfilling and incineration.

Notably, in Vancouver the Vision/COPE/Green slates responded to the survey opposing incineration but neither the NPA nor any individual candidates on that ticket chose to respond to the survey.


Chris said...

Thanks for doing this survey. I was debating on voting for Michael Geller of the NPA, but now I'll stick with the Vision/COPE/Green slate.

Anonymous said...

I live in Abbotsford and have COPD. I find the air very toxic at times, especially in the summer during hot days and I have to stay inside as much as possible. We here in Abbotsford have enough pollution coming out to the valley from Vancouver and definitely don't need any more!! So please, for the sake of our breathe DO NOT resort to putting in those polluting waster-to-energy plants and pollute our air even more!!!!