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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Upcoming film screening: Recycled Life

Projecting Change, Vancouver's environmental film festival at the Ridge Theatre this weekend, sounds very tasty indeed, featuring buzzworthy films like King Corn and Tableland.

Of particular interest to Zero Waste supporters will be the documentary "Recycled Life", which offers a glimpse into the informal diversion of waste in Guatemala City. The film documents the "beauty, humour and remarkable contrast" in the lives of generations of entrepreneurs who work in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump harvesting anything of value for recycling and reuse. View the trailer here.

Annie Leonard's wonderful short film "The Story of Stuff," which takes a smart, often humourous look at the cycle of production and consumption, will be paired with "Recycled Life" at the same showing. If you can't make it into Vancouver to the Projecting Change festival, "The Story of Stuff" is also available to watch free online at .

Recycled Life and The Story of Stuff play this Saturday, May 11 at 5pm at the Ridge Theatre, at 16th Avenue and Arbutus, in Vancouver.


Helen said...

The screening is indeed on Saturday (which is actually May 10th...). Thanks for this heads up, Vanessa!

Hitesh Patel said...

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