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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zero Waste ready to take action

This past weekend was the pilot. Now we're ready to go full-scale.

Next month Metro Vancouver begins public consultation on its proposal to build up to six "waste-to-energy" incinerators as part of a new $3 billion dollar waste management plan for the region. Is this what citizens want?

We have produced a simple slide presentation for citizens that will soon be posted on this website. It looks closely at Metro Vancouver's proposal. It provides helpful tools for evaluating options. And it presents practical recommendations for consideration.

Our goal is to work with local citizens and have this presentation shown to every City Council in the region. We think it's time for citizens and political leaders to have a conversation about the future of waste management in our region.

We are at a cross-roads. Our region can choose the 19th Century waste technologies that gave rise to the Throw-Away Society ~ or we can re-tool our waste management system so it provides corrective action over time leading us towards a Zero Waste future.

If you would like to see this presentation or arrange a viewing for your group or your City Council, contact us at

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Chris said...

Looking forward to seeing your presentation. Keep up the great work.