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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Recycle ~ or else!

Metro Vancouver controls the garbage disposal system in our region. This gives them the power to "shut the gate" on items that should not be thrown away.

Last summer, at the urging of political leaders who are championing a Zero Waste Challenge, Metro Vancouver approved a policy that anything that can be recycled must not go in the garbage.

Currently thousands of tonnes of newspaper, cardboard, yard waste and other easily recyclable products go to waste each year. Almost half of our garbage is things that could be recycled but aren't!

The new rules will change all that ~ if enough people know about the new rules. Did YOU know that you will no longer be allowed to throw your Georgia Straight in a street litter bin, starting on January 1st?

Maybe the Straight and other free newspapers should provide handy recycling containers next to their distribution boxes, eh?

(As far as we can tell, only Burnaby seems to be publicizing the new bans. Good work, Burnaby! Has anyone seen notices of the impending disposal bans in other municipalities?)


gasp said...

Hey Zero Wasters,
The blog looks great. I just got home from my meeting after meeting with you folks, and realize I'm stretched a bit too thin. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the group as I could, while I could. Hope all goes well with the blog, movie and activism.

All the best,

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