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Friday, September 21, 2007

Vancouver's Landfill Crisis?

There’s no time like the present for long-overdue waste reduction measures in Vancouver, because the Cache Creek landfill, where 500,000 tonnes of Metro Vancouver trash is trucked each year, is rapidly filling up. Regional senior management is looking into “quick and dirty” solutions to this “landfill crisis”.

The senior management at the GVRD have launched a “Chicken Little” campaign trying to convince the public that there is a new landfill crisis. A July 5 media release warned that “the issue of short-term disposal capacity is becoming critical.” The Vancouver Sun editorial board’s response called for “quick-and-dirty” solutions to meet this crisis (”Garbage solution has to be quick and it will likely be dirty,” June 29, 2007).

Is this a manufactured crisis? We think so.

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